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    touch screen stopped working; had to reboot

    Yesterday, my touch screen stopped working after start up. I rebootedand it worked fine after that. weird. Also, i am having problems with the function keys not working sometimes, horrible key board lag, having to hold the power button for more than 10 seconds to turn on, and i am wondering why these all still happen after countless cold reboots and the most recent firmware update. Any help or ideas would be most welcome. Thanks, Dan

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    What I usually do after a firmware update is to do a factory reset. Usually, it fixes most issues. That's not to say it's a cure-all but it works for me. Another thing I do a lot is monitor my ram and running apps via Memory Booster Pro. After killing running apps, I'm usually at 22-27% used ram. Sometimes though, killing apps doesn't really clear up ram too much so when that happens, I use a Fast Reboot app that simulates restart. This keeps my system lag-free however, I find that typing in the stock browser using the hardware keyboard still causes lag, so I switched to Opera Mobile for forums and it's been awesome.



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