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First: Sorry for my bad english

I had a same problem, and I s*ck for a few days.
To resolve this issue just check your Time and Date settings!!!
When I set the Time and Date setting for automatic, my tablet give the time for the router. But it was wrong,because I have a 1 hour time-lag between the tablet and my country time zone.


Friend: Hello! 08:00 pm
Friend: How are you? 08:01 pm
Friend: Me too 08:02 pm

Me: Hello! 09:00 pm
Me: I'm fine! And you? 09:01 pm


Just set up the time settings for manual and the conversation is thearded.

One more time: Sorry for my bad english guys!
I hope U are undestand me!
Thank you!! Now it is working fine, it was indeed a time setting problem. I am a little bit surprised that the conversation threading system works with the current local time on the tablet (for the outgoing messages) in conjunction with the time setting of the servers (for the incoming messages), it is not fail-safe at all... I mean that, in my opinion, it should thread the conversation according a unique time setting.