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    Photo Files Lost / Damaged with File Size of Zero bytes

    Hello - I am a new user to the Transformer TF101 (32 GB version).
    Have been using for a little more than 1 week now.

    Somhow using the native File Manager I have a set of damaged lost photos
    now that I would like to restore. I transferred a set of photo files from my smartphone
    (HTC HD2 T9193). I moved a set of directories (previously organized on my HD2) onto
    my TF101. All was fine until some of the photo directories got transferred into the
    wrong directory folder. I tried to manually move them into the correct folder
    by selecting the "cut" and "paste" basic operations from the File Manager.
    The file manager pasted them but now a large set of my photo files are listed as
    filesize of 0 bytes! In addition, of course I can no longer see my photos.

    My files are all still listed with their correct filenames in their correct folders but
    are not useable. I am urgently searching for some xpert help to get my photo files
    back to a normal useable file state. I have no other backups for these photos as
    I assumed that it was safe to store them onto my TF101 and free up storage space
    on my sdcard in my HD2.

    I am computer savy but need some urgent expert assistance to see whether I can
    restore my damaged photo files in the internal storage of the TF101. I have no idea
    exactly what caused this odd state other than some glitch or bug in the File Manager itself.
    Regardless of how it happended, I now have a strange "ghost" state of former photos
    in many directories. Other photos are still fine (not related to this transfer).
    Any help would be greatly appecriated to restore my damaged photos to a normal
    filesize and system state.

    I hope that someone knows how to fix these files.
    thanks R/ - John

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    I had a similar experience last weekend when I was transferring some files from an SD card and my wife undocked the TF and all of the files looked like they copied but showed a 0 Bytes file size. Luckilly I still had the originals. Since you do not have them, my best advice is to check the microSD card and see if they might happen to still be on there, or to copy the files you have (even at 0 bytes) and try reading them with another device and hope for the best.

    Also, I am not aware of a recycle bin folder on the TF.

    I wish I had better news for you.

    Asus Transformer 16 GB & Dock - Munching on Jelly Beans
    crApple iP*one 5 - Stock

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    - Homer Jay Simpson

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    I've had the same problem, I tried to move the files from one folder to another and all my photo-files are at 0.0 bytes, but my movies are ok. Does anyone know why this happens, and how you can reverese/recover the files, if that is even possible?



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