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    How to set up the VPN Connection

    I would like to set up a VPN connection from my tablet to my home network. I am a IT Professional, but honestly, when we set up the vpn for work, I had it consulted out.

    So, what do I need to do to get this running?

    I do not have a static IP address, so how do I get around that problem? And, what do I need to set up on my router at home? I have a Trendnet wireless N router, I can get model number if needed.

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    The way you get around not having a static IP address is to use a service from Dynamic DNS, you'll have to check your router to see if it supports it (most routers made within the last five years seem to). Check them out at Dyn: Managed DNS and Email Delivery, and for only a few dollars per year you can have your router addressable via a DNS server, just like any other server on the Internet. If your router gets a new IP address, it immediately notifies the DynDNS servers which then spread it thru all the DNS servers around the world. Have been using it for years, and it works well.

    As to setting up the VPN once you have the DynDNS service going, just follow the directions on the TF for setting up a VPN. I did one recently, it was rather straight forward to set up and it worked well.

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    I currently have a windows home server, and it goes to, could I use that or will that not work? If not, I'll go the dynadns route.

    As far as the instructions, that is what I need, I don't see them anywhere. I don't know what type of vpn to create.

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    You will need a VPN server at home. I have a Linksys router, and using a custom firmware (dd-wrt) instead of the stock firmware it allows me to run a PPTP VPN server that I can connect to home.

    If you have a Window 7 computer at home, you can set it up as a VPN server: A quick VPN Server using Windows 7 | Windows 7 Library and you will have to forward the VPN traffic to your computer that is serving the VPN.

    Luckilly, I have a static IP so I do not have to worry about the IP changing. You will have to contact your domain provider to see if they support a dynamic ip solution, or you can just use the dyndns.

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