Hello. Been an iPad 1 and 2 user since these things came out, but I really find the Transformer really appealing with all the possibilities it offers.

When I dove into the first iPad, the only available one was a 16gb, but I took it anyway as I knew the apps normally have a small footprint. I was right. However, I soon found out data for some apps could consume quite a lot - specifically Zinio and Read it Later. I archive a lot of articles permanently for reference on RIT. I have dozens of monthly subscriptions on Zinio, and in just a few months, my iPad 1 was already paralyzed. So fast forward to the iPad 2 and I made sure to get the 64gb 3G model. No regrets. I migrated all my apps and data and until now, I still have over 46gb left headroom. I don't use music or movies on it as I have the iPod for that.

My problem right now is only the 16gb Transformer is being sold by our local greedy distributor here for the equivalent of $550-600 WITHOUT THE DOCK. I'm not desperate enough to be gypped with this price gouging. But if I end up not being able to stay away and end up getting the 16gb Transformer, know I will also spring for at least a 32gb mSD.

This will, potentially, be my first foray into Android, so I hope you can share you experience with apps data management on Honeycomb. I know that apps can only be stored on the device internal storage. Is there a way to program general tablet device settings so that ALL apps data will be written BY DEFAULT on the removable cards on the dock and the keyboard? Like for example, can all my Read it Later data and Zinio magazines be stored by default when these are downloaded directly to the removable cards? Ditto with other popular apps like Evernote, etc.? Or is this app-specific and therefore I am not assured I can default all apps data to the removable media?