The "External Storage Inserted-MicroSD" notification that happens to be a permanent notification for a lot of us considering there has never been a time my device (Asus Transformer TF101) was without a micro sd for longer than 5 minutes. My micro sd slot was never empty, hence that "permanent" notification that a Micro SD is mounted. And conveniently so because we can also unmount the micro sd card by pressing the right side of this notification where a small micro sd icon with a red "x" is shown. Now, occasionally at times, and I'm pretty sure this happens to everyone, I inadvertently trigger an unmount of the micro sd card. It is this accidental triggering of this unmount action that has happened so many times that I raise the issue of whether that "permanent" notification has more than exceeded its usefulness and convenience in the notification area, raising the question of whether it is that necessary to have that notification shown at all times:

- How many inadvertent unmounts have happened during critical copying of files to/from the micro sd card? (Though it happened occasionally, it has happened countless times in the 3 years I've had my tablet)
- How many times has this accidental unmount action happened when a download client is in full swing of its tasks? constantly downloading data to the micro sd? (Countless! )

At times, in my limited knowledge of how apps interact with each other, I feel like an accidental unmount happens when a number of apps have many things going on putting stress on the notification area that maybe that triggers an unmount. Say, tTorrent client has an ongoing notification showing the number of torrents, speed, etc. updated every half a second, then auto-sync kicks in from another app triggerring another notification, more notifications from the email client that email has been received, together with other "permanent" notifications of other apps with unique features like launching another app by pressing the notification of DayWeekbar app. In other words, so many things happening in that cramp, stressed notification area that an accidental unmount of the micro sd card happens even without any intervention.

But many of these unmounts clearly happened during "stressful" periods for the notification area that renders any subsequent task sluggish, and due to this, the toast messages and notifications that I expected to be shown after a task is done gets to be shown delayed; this (!) already prompts me to slow down or even to pause from any further touching of the screen to allow the device to catch up. It is during these stressful periods coupled with my impatiently pressing the status area twice or three times to launch notifications area that some other app gets launched, or worse, an unmount action gets triggered. A crash is usually the end result of all this, rebooting, and the lesson that never gets learned.

It is this accidental unmounting of the micro sd that raises the question of the convenience of having the unmount feature in that permanent notification and whether that permanent notification by Asus is really necessary to be shown at all times. Should Asus be vigilant with apps hogging so much of the resources allocated on the already cramp and stressed notification area? The notification area at times looks like a battle area for apps trying to grab as much from the limited resources of a 3 year old device to perform its notification tasks. In fact, and as I understand, many apps survival rely on its presence in the notification and would resort to unethical practices to maintain its icon there at all costs.

To root my device would clearly solve this problem of course. But I wonder how Asus would see all this with the problem of accidental unmounts. How I wish Asus supported my device with the firmware upgrades still...

from a proud and happy TF101 user