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    Frustrated...Catalyst does not support DvDs?

    Hey all,

    I am posting again about playing movies on my TF. It seems as though I am having quite a hard time understanding how to do this. What I am trying to do is purchase DvDs so I can transfer them to my TF but the layout for Catalyst claims that it cannot do this with DvDs. I wish the app store was more advanced where they had movies that are able to be purchased on there. So, is there any easy way in which I can purchase DvDs and transfer them to the TF??? Also, is this the most cost effective way aside from using a torrent site.

    Thank you very much for any replies!

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    Hey Neak sorry to hear of your frustration. Hang in there and we will get things worked out for you. If you are talking about DVD Catalyst it is an excellent DVD ripping program for Windows PCs that does a great job of burning your DVDs into a format for the Transformer. The program is $10 but comes with a free trial. Here is a link that may help.
    DVD Catalyst
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    Are you referring to DVD Catalyst? It most definitely supports DVD's. There are certain DVD's that it does have issues with due to some of the encrypton used. Most are pretty good. DVD Catalyst site has a list of movies that has issues here: Problem DVD | DVD Catalyst 4, the ultimate app for movies & tv on the go

    It is also possible to purchase movies from the market, but they are pretty much one time rental fee. Once you start playing it you have 24 hours to finish it or you have to rent it again. Also DVD Catalyst does not work with the digital copy of movies as they have DRM that it cannot decrypt.

    Check out the DVD Catalyst thread if you have other questions if you have not already:

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