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    101 battery going. Replace it or repair it?

    Hi, I finally have the tablet that the 101 should have been two years ago now that I have EOS 4.2 (daily 117). Problem is that the 2 year old battery is starting to go. Time between needing a charge is getting shorter and shorter.
    The dock battery is already gone.
    I can replace the batteries for about $60 each and opening the 101 and dock isn't an issue.

    The question is should I bother?

    How well do you think the 101 will fare in the next year or so?

    The EOS team has done an unbelievable job so far but how long will this hardware be viable given the current rate that Google going with updating the Android OS?

    I imagine lots of folks have already moved on to bigger and better and I have considered it myself. I just can't justify the expense if what I have can be made to go another two years.

    Sorry for rambling. Opinions welcomed.

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    I still love my TF101 and the way it runs 4.2 I can see it going for a long time. I definitely would spend the $60 for a new battery instead of $600 for a new tablet, but that's just my opinion.
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    The EOS team has done an unbelievable job so far but how long will this hardware be viable given the current rate that Google going with updating the Android OS?
    The crucial question to ask yourself is will the next generation of the OS do anything that you absolutely require that can't be done under JB? - in fact, apart from multiple user accounts, does JB actually do anything significant that ICS doesn't?

    If new batteries are only going to cost $60, the hardware still works otherwise and the software does what you need it to do it's hard to see the justification for replacing rather than repairing the TF101, even when it no longer supports the latest OS.



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