Hello there

I'm a new user to the forum (but I follow it already for a while). So far I didn't found any discussion about switching tasks.

So please allow me to open a new thread about this topic.

We all know, Google did a great job with the design and UX of Honeycomb. But there is a little thing that messed me up. As an HTC Desire HD user I'm lovin the way you can switch between open tasks (by sliding the menu bar down). It's easy to use and performant. Additionally I use "Swipe Pad" as alternative access to my recently used app (which is not really work on a pad due to the screen size and thumb usage).

But back to the HC. The way you're switching apps in HC is (subjective) a bit slow. E.g.: when i'm in Feedly, and I open a feed into the Browser and I want to switch back to Feedly. I need to touch the button for recent apps in the lower left corner of the UI. But it feels soo slow (the time it loads the thumbnails - and I'm finally able to selcted the app from the list).
In comparison: Same situation (different handling): I'm in Feedly (or any other App) open an external link, when I want to go back to the initial app I touch the home-button an touch the corresponding app icon on the home screen - it's a way faster then the "original" way.

Do you have any idea how this "performance-lag" can be fixed; or is there an alternative task switcher available which fits into honeycombs need?

Also I saw on ScreenVideos from the Samsung Galaxy UI - that they have developed something like a swipe from the taskbar - is there a port or so available (a rocketbar for honeycomb ;-))


(sorry for my english ;-))