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    How to transfer ebooks, songs etc onto TF from mSD card?

    I downloaded some epub books and am trying to transfer them onto the TF permanently, how does one move it to the mylibrary ?


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    In my experience, myLibrary scans the internal memory for compatible files. I find it a bit annoying because every pdf that I download, say a restaurant menu, it shows up in myLibrary. I have not tested this with the microSD to see if it will scan that automatically. I have not found a setting of what to include or exclude from scanning for myLibrary.

    To move them from the microSD to the TF, open up File Manager and it will put you in the /sdcard/ directory. Go up a few levels to the root (/) by pressing the button to the left. Look for a directory called /Removable/. This directory is where all removable devices will be. You can cut/copy multiple file/folders and move them to the /sdcard/ directory and put them in your directory of choice, even a new directory if you so choose.
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    Thanks ,but could you please explain in more simple terms as i am a complete beginner.Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevbo View Post
    Thanks ,but could you please explain in more simple terms as i am a complete beginner.Thanks again
    The short answer is this-- if you insert your card (that already has files on it, including ebooks), your tablet should automatically scan it, and locate any (and all) ebooks/mp3's/pictures/etc that it has, and make a catalog of those.

    Then, the MyLibrary app (built in) should be able to see those.

    If you wish these files to be on the tablet's internal memory (SDCARD) you'll have to learn how (and were) to copy them.

    It's not really that hard, if you use File Manager (also built-in), it's very similar to using Windows Explorer on a PC.

    When you open File Manager, it usually starts with a two-pane display, your internal storage, and any "external" such as a microSD card or USB thumb drive.

    To start copying files, select (by touching) the microSD line at the left--which will then show you what's on the card, at the right. Now, you'll notice that there is a little check-box by each folder and/or file-- press once to check it, press again to uncheck.

    Check all the folders you want to move.

    Now, up at the top, press the "COPY" icon.

    Now, go to Internal Storage, by pressing it (at the left). Now, at the top, press PASTE.

    That's it-- this will copy everything you put a check-mark by, to the internal memory.
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