I just wanted to let anybody know that the fix from this site for not charging issues WORKS. After 1 Yr. and 2 days, (Last years Christmas present) My wifes Tablet would not charge this morning. So I did some searching and found that several others have had identical issues, i.e. won't charge and just a battery with red and black for a few seconds then shutting down. After reading several responces and even one that totally dismissed others due to charging volts and amps etc. I tried the most common. Plug USB into a running PC and leave for at least 3 hours. Then plug back inyo wall charger. After almost 5 hours , when plugged back into wall charger the tablet turned on , shopwed charging @ 18%. Yea, (wife was freaking out), It seems that the USB act like a trickle charge to bring a "dead" battery back up to a level that will let wall charger work again. The wall charger is fast but with charging any battery if it is to low fast charge won't work. Further reading suggests that care should be taken not to let battery get too low and or trickle charge via USB occationally helps. Great site sure to be back,