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    Cool [How To] HDMI OUTPUT to SONY LCD TVs

    I have figured out how to bypass the Transformer not even showing up, its just detection had it with a certain VGA cable when working with my iPAd one VGA cable will show up the other won't. These are the steps in enabling HDMI visibility for your SONY TV.

    Step One. (Original Sony Remote).
    Basically we will change the TV inputs from Auto Detect to Full Enable.

    1. Click MENU on your sony remote
    2. Scroll down to 'Channel' --> Click OK (MiddleButton on directional PAD)
    3. Scroll down to Manage Input --> Click OK (Middlebutton on directional PAD)
    4. You will see your HDMI inputs as AUTO, change them from AUTO to ENABLE.
    5. Now figure out with input you plugged your Transformer into (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI 3) it will lable right next to the input when your plugging it in.
    6. Exit and make sure your transformer is plugged in.
    7. Click INPUT until you find the HDMI input that your transformer is plugged into.
    8. You should see on the bottom right that it says (HDMI Detected) and it should pop up on your SONY TV the images.
    9. IFNOT --> Unplug from the TF101 and plug back in then it should load.

    Thing is that SONY TVs don't detect the transformer cause it is waiting for the transformer to send a powered signal, however the transformer itself is waiting for a powered signal to let it know that it is connected to an HDMI TV. However by forcing the HDMI inputs on the TV to be ENABLED instead of auto makes it sent a powered output through the cable to the TF101 letting it know that it is connected to an HDMI TV, bypassing the AUTO part of the TV since we cannot bypass the AUTO from the TF101.

    Enabling more of the Honeycomb screen to be shown.

    1. Menu
    2. Screen
    3. Set Wide Mode --> Full
    4. Auto Wide = On
    5. Vertical Size = -10
    6. Horizontal Size = -10

    Should work on Most Sony TVs sorry if it doesn't work for yours just trying to help from my experience fiddling around. Mind you this is for those who don't have Luck with their SONY TV.
    Last edited by xijonix; 07-19-2011 at 10:41 PM. Reason: Only for those who didn't get it working by plug in and play on their sony tv

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    Thanks for this but unfortunatelly I have Sony Bravia W5500 and I do not have that option to enable HDMI.
    Maybe you know how can I test my asus transformer HDMI socket if it works at all ? Maybe this is some malfunction?

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    I've got an older Bravia and the HDMI worked just fine first time, the only problem I have seen is that the TV cuts off a small area at the bottom of the screen and there's no option to resize, are there any HDMI settings that can be changed on the Transformer?

    EDIT: I should have read the bottom of your post I see it suggests how to get the picture to fit the entire screen. Thanks!
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