Although I love my TF and I think it's the best tab out there, there are a few niggles. You can post your problems using the TF and what you don't like.

Do you think Asus is releasing updates quickly enough?(I think so)
If you use a different browser, why? And what'll make you go back to the stock browser?
Do you think there's too much lag?
If you could, would you trade your TF for another tablet?
Any hardware problems?
Do you like Polaris Office?
etc., etc., etc...

My problems are:

Browser lag when typing comments on a blog, like Engadget.
Lag when used in portrait, althought the OTA fix yesterday fixed some lag.
Battery life isn't so hot.

So, please post! I hope people can help others with their problems. We can even submit this as feedback to ASUS, so they learn from their mistakes.