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Thread: Good Morning! Stock TF101 with Jelly Bean style notifications

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    Good Morning! Stock TF101 with Jelly Bean style notifications

    Has anyone else noticed Jelly Bean style calendar notification in your ice cream sandwhich?

    I woke up about an hour ago (3:40 a.m. EST) and picked up a calendar notification from the notification bar on the lower right and was treated to a classy, beautiful central display of all my recent notifications. Tapping one opened the event in a suspiciously Jelly Bean-like "card"

    The only thing missing was the butter...calendar crashed. I thought I was dreaming. I browsed recent comments and didn't see a mention of this in the TF101 forum. apologies if it is already noted somewhere.

    I was able to replicate now that calendar has calmed down. Here are the screen shots. I bought a N7 for my mom (who is 80) and while my daughters gave me very little time with the device and I've been working pretty hard these days, so maybe I've just forgotten what things look like, but...these pretty centralized notes aren't what I was expecting.


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    Re: Good Morning! Stock TF101 with Jelly Bean style notifications

    I'm pretty sure that's an ICS calendar app thing. JB notifications as I understand are expandable, but not that different from other notifications.
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    Re: Good Morning! Stock TF101 with Jelly Bean style notifications

    That is the ICS notifications for multiple events.

    Here is a screenshot of the difference in the JB notifications.

    Note how you can snooze a calendar event from notifications, and also share a screenshot without actually opening the screenshot:

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