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    Tether Battery Life

    So we don't have 3g capabilities on our beloved tablet, i'm sure most of us here use another device to tether.
    I use a Nokia n900 to keep me connected to the interwebs when i'm out and about.
    The n900 which is a powerhog itself only gets a few hours on its battery. Tethering to it makes things worse, not much of a problem to me as i carry 4 batteries but it can get quite cumbersome at times.

    Now im looking for a phone which will allow me to tether and still be able to run for a decent amount of time.
    Anyone have any recommendations? Feel free to post what you use and how much time you get out of it.
    P.S. I dont like carrying chargers around.

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    I have a Droid x and I tether with Bluetooth. I honestly haven't used it for an extended time but I hear Bluetooth saves much more power then wifi.

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    Depending on your phone you can plug it I. to the USB on the keyboard dock just for charging purposes. I do that with my iPhone 4 to charge it. I have not done tethering though because I have a MiFi 2200 for that.

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