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    searching for GPS

    My TF101 seems unable to find the GPS coordinates. All it ever says is "searching for GPS". It has upgraded to 4.03 if that makes any difference. Settings show it is GPS version 6.9.11
    Is there any way to update the driver?? or something else??

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    My works even in the house, I know no help for you, but justto let you know it's not an ICS issue.
    Things to try.
    1. Cold boot the TF. Search if you do not know how to do it.

    2. Get the GPS test app to see if it can see a sat.

    3. Make sure you do not have a thrird party app that might be interfering with the GPS

    Hope one of these helps you.

    The Last thing to try is a factory reset make sure everything you need is backed up. Again search is your friend if your not sure how to do a FR.
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    my GPS worked BEFORE ICS, but failed after upgrading to 15, Ihave tried everytrick in the book to no avail, now I just get one signal, so it most probably is an ICS issue,
    Even with no apps other than the stock ones it makes no difference!!
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