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    Transformer running slow/choppy

    This may be a bit of a long read, but, I ask that you please stay with me while i explain this, as,I am at a loss of what to do.

    About 4 months ago, i decided to root my transformer. All was working well with it, but, I was just in the mood for a change and wanted to see what kinds of things I can do while rooted, so, I did it.

    It was quite easy to root, and, within about 30 minutes, I was fully rooted.

    After a few weeks went by, I noticed that my netflix movies (streaming) was a little choppy. before I rooted, I always felt that netflix played super smooth. Understand that this wasn't because of my bandwidth. I get a pretty rock solid 20-22Mb Down.

    So, after doing some thinking about this, i figured, since rooting my tablet, I really didn't see much of a benefit, so, I figured i would return to stock.

    I cannot remember which procedure I used to get back to stock, but, once again, all seems to have worked out well. No errors.

    However, the choppiness is still there. in netflix, when swiping in between screens,..etc..etc. It just doesent seem smooth anymore. This is before and after the ICS update.

    I see a lot of people talk of kernel's, ROM's, ..etc...etc.. and, I just wanted to know how I can tell if I really AM unrooted at this point. For example, what Kernel I should have, did I miss a step while unrooting? Did I mess my TF up? etc..etc..

    Can someone please be as kind as to help me out? If there is something (some type of information) that I am leaving out, please let me know and i will get back to you ASAP with the needed info.

    Confused in Pennsylvania, USA

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    The stock kernel should read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey View Post
    The stock kernel should read
    Thank you. As soon as I get home, i will check that. And, if it does read, is it safe to say I am unrooted?

    Would the kernal have changed when rooting even though I ddint replace the kernel (well, not knowingly at least). Sorry if this sounds stupid...

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    You can download root checker from the market to verify whether you're rooted or not

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