I just got a TP today, man they are hard to find. It would not boot up. I plugged into the wall using an extension cord so I can work at my couch and add a screen shield using a TV table and it would not start up.

I got a quick Asus logo and then a battery status window that looked like it was 75% charged. We'll it simply wasn't. Manual vaguely mentions this and does state that if you have a problem charging. The extension was possibly the problem and I tried using USB and it did charge it but I didn't wait long enough where a factory reset was going to work (you have do to this off the USB charger). It allowed me to get through the setup after a little bit on the USB then died after booting after a factory reset and after configuring WIFI because it probably just started to use more juice than was in battery.

So please charge for 8 hours (expected this but wasn't sure these days) before expecting a USB charge is going to work. You may want to do this before you start it up the first time. Please do this before returning the unit. I was glad I did. I had wrapped it up and then I RTFM and found it may not charge using a USB to a computer connection very quickly so that was my problem.

The unit should come with a pink sheet that states how to start it, does it need charging etc, a quick cut sheet would do with a screenshot of the start up screen etc and what to expect.