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    Anyone tried CM9 nightly on TF101?

    Hey! Just came to my attention that the cyanogen team has started releasing nightly CM9 ICS roms for our TF101:

    Any daring rooters out there who has tried them out and can share experiences?

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    I tried the CM9 build with Cornerstone in it.

    CM9 has a lot of promise, it is really fast and minimalistic. The big issue is because it is from pretty much a vanilla ICS ROM, many of the ASUS add ons are not present. Not a huge deal if you do not use the keyboard dock, but if you do it can be annoying. Most of the function keys do not work (my biggest complaint was not being able to kill the touchpad when typing).

    I was also having WiFi issues. I did a full wipe of my tablet using SuperWipe from the Revolution HD ROM. After installing CM9 it would not connect to wireless (but it would show it). Upon rebooting it would connect, but not to google servers. 3rd reboot it would connect to google servers. I also had issues with the clock freezing. The final straw was when I plugged it in to charge one night and for some reason it did not charge the tablet. The dock was fully charged, but the tablet was at 3%. Rebooting would not make it charge no matter what I tried unless I turned it off.

    I think that was Nightly version 3, so they are constantly working on it. I think that if you wait for it to get out of the nightly stage and into beta it will be much better.

    It is a good build and had lots of promise but it still has a long way to go before it is ready for public consumption IMO.

    Also, I have to say Cornerstone is really sweet. If it had window swapping abilities in the released version it would be better, but currently that was only in an early demo version (that is on youtube) and the devs of Cornerstone had to remove it to get more stability.

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