Hardware: Original ASUS Transformer tf101
OS: Latest official ROM / update (Android 4.0.3)

Trying to make this thing usable again, which it really isn't in its current state.

It's been incredibly frustrating and confusing even getting this far (mostly because being an absolut noob (somewhat experienced Linux Admin, but no idea about Android, ROMs and Rooting) and also because the tf101 is obviously antiquated), but somehow I managed to both root the device (or at least the Root Checker App tells me so) and install a custom recovery (CWM) - but now I'm stuck because CWM won't let me mount anything containing the ROM I want to install (KatKiss 6.0, seems to be the newest available; not great, but better than 4).

So I tried installing TWRP instead of CWM - but I really don't know how. There are several ROM utilities that should be able to do this, but the only one that has been working so far was ROM Manager, which I used to install the currently active CWM. The TWRP App keeps telling me that it can't find the recovery partition, which I'm guessing is happening because it's looking for the original recovery and not CWM?

... halp?