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    Did my Transformer die? Asus Transformer TF101

    Hello and gentle greetings!

    I have a huge problem with my TF101. I'm afraid I killed him.

    Here is the initial situation:
    I have the device rooted (but I do not remember how or with what). Then I installed a CWM Recovery and then a CyanogenMod Nightly CustomROM. So far so good. The CyanogenMod ROM ran pretty badly (slow and jerky). So I wanted to try another CustomROM. For this I have previously updated the CWM Recovery to version And since then, the TF101 is no longer running. It ends either in a recovery boot loop or two icons are displayed (wipe and the android icon).
    Error Description:
    The device is caught in a kind of boat loop. It always starts only in the recovery mode - if I select there the option " choose zip from SDcard ", no SD or MicroSD is displayed (although a correctly formatted mSD with an appropriate ROM .zip file is inserted).
    Instead, a data structure is displayed (which looks like an installed Android system and is also accessible via USB cable). I copied the ROM .zip file and tried the installation from there - without success.
    When I put the tablet in APX mode (volume down and press power simultaneously) started the normal Android system. After the installation attempt from the internal memory and start via APX mode, the tablet hung on the start screen of this installed Android ROM.
    Then I tried several wipe options in the CWM recovery menu. Unfortunately, thoughtless, including "format system", "format cache", "format staging" and "format date" executed.
    Since then, the tablet still starts in the CWM Recovery, but when I try via APX to get into Android, then only these two icons are displayed and nothing happens.

    What possibilities do I have that the tablet can be revived? I've been googling for days, but without any resounding successes (either the solution did not solve my problem, or the needed files are not available anymore ....)

    Many thanks in advance for your help !!!
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    I don't have experience with CWM recovery or CyanoGenMod but I have rooted my TF-101 successfully and think you should start all over as there obviously is something going wrong on your tablet. I have always used Easyflasher to return my 101 back to stock and never had problem although I suppose you could also flash the stock blob file in fastboot as well. Then, once you are back to stock I would suggest rooting the device and installing one of the current custom roms and also I'd suggest twrp for custom recovery. With all that said, the 101's hardware is really antiquated by todays standards and you really need at least a Tegra3 or better to run common apps smoothly (like Youtube). Even running stripped down browsers like dolphin are frustrating under the best of circumstances with the 101. I just recently retired my 101 for just this reason and was able to snag a TF-700T on flea bay (with keyboard) for less than $70. The ME301T (also a Tegra3) is also decent as well.
    ASUS MeMO Pad Smart (10") ME301T
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    ASUS TF-101 16GB Transformer/Dock
    Lollypop (5.1.0 v22), TWRP (

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    Thank you for your feedback. I know, the TF101 is very old and really slow. But - if I manage to install an Android 4.2 or higher, then I could use the TF101 as a remote control for my DSLR. That's at least my devilish plan ....

    I've stored Easyflasher somewhere (I hope - I think). But a HowTo would be pretty great ....

    Thanx in advance

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    That's why it is called EasyFlasher
    Just follow the instructions here:
    Then reboot into what should be a healthy stock system.
    Then use Easy Flasher to install one of the provided recoveries. You will use this outdated recovery only once for one purpose: To flash a decent recovery.
    Reboot into recovery and flash the most recent TWRP recovery from here:
    Then you have to do the usual steps: Format data in TWRP, convert the file system on /data to f2fs. Instructions are here (different device but same procedure):
    Then flash the rom and gapps. Which one? Only one choice makes sense:
    Good luck!
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