Hi guys,

I was cleaning up a cupboard and found my old TF101. Figured it could be a good tablet for my son, so booted it up to check everything was ok. After checking everything, I looked around to see what the latest ROMs were for it so I could get the security updated, etc. etc. Found KatKiss and figured that would be a good one to try out. I attempted to install TWRP 2.8.1 as required, got the "SUCCESS" message for the upgrade and I was off. Stupidly, I admit, I didn't check that TWRP was actually updated before trying to install KatKiss. Now TWRP says "No OS installed", and the tablet won't boot into an OS (which makes sense as there's none installed apparently... lol ).

For some reason the tablet appears to be stuck on TWRP 2.7.01. I've tried flashing this a few times via both TWRP and EasyFlasher, but to no avail. I've tried both upgrading and downgrading TWRP and each time it says it's successful but it stays on the same version regardless of what I do.

Not sure if it helps, but when the tablet loads it shows the three penguin icons and then displays
mmcblk0p8 /data on internal -> ext4
mmcblk1p2 /data on microSD -> not present
mmcblk1p3 /system on microSD -> not present

then nothing happens.

I have the latest universal naked drivers installed, and can see the tablet through windows device manager when it's in APX mode no problem. I imagine I've removed a partition or something somehow ( obvious user error ).

Not sure what else I can check, but happy to be guided if some kind soul can help out.

Thanks -- Stuart