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Thread: TF101 bricked?

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    TF101 bricked?

    Hello dear community!

    I have a TF101.
    This TF101 has a problem. I have the device for a long time from the sinking brought to make it operational for my daughter to make.

    Unfortunately, the device (the TF101 is meant - not my daughter :-) has a problem; When it is switched on, it starts directly into the CWM Recovery 5.8.xxxx.
    It was planned (if I remember correctly) a ROM-Flash on CM 9.0xxx. For some reason I had then but never continued.
    I have now inserted a mSD with a suitable CyanogenMod-ROM and tried to flash the TF101. Unfortunately, the mSD is not detected / found. Various attempts with other mSD cards and formatted on Linux and Android ended with the same result.
    If I go to "Install zip from sd" (or something like that) in the CWM Recovery, I immediately see the image from which the cold reset (the basic system) is installed. There is simply no mSD found. Thus, flashing is not possible.

    My next approach to the problem solution is to put the tablet in the APX mode to install another CWM recovery. Whatever I tried
    (Volume up + on / off device does not start at all, volume down + on / off device starts, but only the choice between reset and CWM recovery)
    No APX Mode. Pressing the button combinations also for a minute and more did not yield any results.

    The various usefulness of the SuFu + Goggel brought some instructions, but the corresponding softwares are no longer available (eg Stock ROM for the TF101, root applications, ROMs etc.)

    How can the device be rescued? What could I have done wrong (apart from the thoughtless work around the system)?

    For expert instructions, tips and advice, I would like to thank you very much in advance ......

    By the way .... I apologize for my english .....
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    Welcome to the forum!
    How is that mSD formatted? It has to be fat32 for CWM to recognize it. Are you sure that CWM even supports the microSD??
    Are you familiar with adb (Android Debug Bridge)? Google "adb fastboot tutorial" and learn about adb commands. You can forget fastboot, the TF101 does not have fastboot support, but you should have a connection in adb when the tablet is in recovery - if your PC is set up for adb.
    If you got all that, it would be as easy as pushing the CM file you want to flash to internal storage: adb push <name of file> /sdcard/
    And then you can flash it in recovery from internal.
    I wouldn't even bother with CM. Or CWM for that matter. There is so much better software out for this tablet!

    That is the latest Katkiss version for this tablet. Grab the recovery linked to under Installation Instructions, it comes in form of a zip you can flash in your current recovery.
    Flash TWRP 2.8.1, format data in TWRP and then follow the instructions to install the rom.

    You also could use EasyFlasher (also found in the development section at XDA) to flash stock or a different recovery, but yes, you do need APX mode for that. You do know that you only see a black screen in APX mode, right?
    Check Windows Device Manager after booting the tablet with Power and Vol Up and see if a device is connected. If it is unrecognized maybe you do not have the driver installed?
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