So i have successfully rooted, and installed custom ROMs on both my TF101 and my S3 from Sprint before, but tonight, I decided to install the latest version of KatKiss for my TF101 since it has multi-window blah blah blah. Anywho, at some point, I got dumb and thought "Oh, let's install that ROM Manager by Cyanogenmod or whatever that they keep mentioning!" So I did, and tried it out and somehow ended up flashing the ClockwordMod Recovery, at which point I realized something was wrong. So I tried to flash back to my old TWRP or w.e it is and that didn't work. My tablet keeps booting back into CWM So I thought no big deal, I can deal with this Recovery as its not that bad. So I began attempting to flash to my newly downloaded zip file of KatKiss and Gapps etc... Only they didnt work. I got stuck into a boot loop while the KatKiss logo was up. No big deal, again. These things happen. So I decided to re-wipe cache etc in CWM. Well, here's where I screwed up (I think). You see I wasn't very familiar with CWM and somehow started wiping and removing things I shouldn't have because somehow, CWM now doesn't see my SD card at all (my actual SD card) nor does it find any of the ROMs I downloaded WITH the tablet before all of this. So for example, navigating through CWM into my Download folder, for example, shows "No Files" or whatever.

So, I did some research and tried hooking my tab up to my PC, running ADB.exe, except my Windows 7 PC wont detect my tablet, so ADB isn't detecting my tablet. Windows 7 says "Unknown Device" and ADB says no devices found so I can't even push the original hardware.

I'm so confused, I'm so heartbroken and distraught. I had this thing working perfectly literally 3 hours ago, with KatKiss, and it was stable but my lust for the new pulled me into the sewers of CWM and now I'm filthy and stuck.

Please help I'll will answer all that I can and I'm a rather tech savy person... though maybe not anymore.