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    Question TF101 stuck in Bootloop

    Hi Guys,

    The other week my TF101 got stuck in a bootloop, and I've not been able to sort it out since. It can boot into recovery, but I can't even seem to get it to boot into fastboot. It was rooted, running stock rom, but had never had an issue with it. The recovery at the time the problem started was a version of CWM (unfortunately didn't take note of which one though) but have since put TWRP on, and it's currently just got stock (which just shows the dead android logo). To the best of my knowledge, I hadn't installed any new apps recently (certainly not risky ones).

    I've tried quite a few things, including:
    • Wiping cache + dalvik cache
    • Flashing KatKiss KitKat ROM (with TWRP as recommended by them)
    • Flashing stock ROM
    • Factory reset, full data wipe and cache wipe

    Any help would be really appreciated, really don't wanna lose this awesome little device. If you need any more info, just let me know! Thanks!

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    My suggestion is to boot to APX mode and use EasyFlasher to either flash the stock ROM from Asus again, or to flash TWRP and then flash your ROM of choice (even if it is stock ROM).

    Keep in mind if using EasyFlasher to flash the stock ROM, use it as downloaded from ASUS (zip in a zip).

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    I too am stuck in bootloop and dont know my version #. I have tried wiping, etc. I am not familiar with other things mentioned above, such as, Flashing KatKiss KitKat ROM (with TWRP as recommended by them). or what is APX mode???...I know I should go Asus, download onto a micro(if I knew my version!) & put in TF101 & reboot into recovery mode. Beyond that Im not aware. Im not computer illiterate, just with these tabs!!!....I do still have the box I purchased the TF101 in. Would the serial, or other give me a clue as to my version number? If someone could steer me a bit, I'd be appreciative!



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