first hello everyone this is my first post and i know is probably a similar post like this already but i tried every method and nothing works or im doing it wrong because i dont undestand it here is step by step of what i did and seriously i have follow this numerous threads here and no luck is prob my fault that i dont understand what some things mean because im new with root and cwm
what i did first was root my tf101 with brk rootkit it worked good then i decide to install a custom rom i choose katkiss and it workd perfect i was having trouble with playstore and decided to restart the device and pressed a pressed he wrong bottom i think it was recovery something i dindt get a good look of wich one it was and got stuck on clockwork recovery mode menu try everything on that menu but nothing doesnt matter what i try it always goes back to that menu
always goes to os but i can only see the logo asus at the begining and then makes a click noise and goes back to that menu im looking for a step by step guide since im new to this thanks hope i can get my asus back i miss it
notes when i plug it in the computer it makes a windows noise but i cant find device anywhere