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Thread: TF & Linux

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    Question TF & Linux

    Hey mates...i'm just exploring the way of flashing my TF.

    I tried some ROMs and now i was wondering about Linux.

    I read different threads on how to put Ubuntu on the TF, some seems to use VNC (so is a sort of virtual machine/remote desktop?) others use something else...

    Can anyone explain me the various ways to put Ubuntu on the TF?

    Maybe we can even create a sticky that describes PROs and CONs on the various methods to put Ubuntu and link to the Threads that describe the process...

    Anyway, sticky or not, i would like an hand to choose which way can be better for me to put Ubuntu on my TF (and maybe even keep the Android OS)


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    Here is the thread with some information to run Linux on your TF if you are interested.

    I would use a dedicated linux box with a VNC server and use a VNC viewer to connect to it, but that is my $0.02

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