im on eos 4 20130704-121

Its one of the nightlies, most lrecent i could find

I used this guide to get root and recovery: [TOOL]"1-Click Transformer Root"-Root/Unroot/cwm/stock rec-TF101(G)/201/300T(G)/SL101 - xda-developers

and this one for the rom: [ROM][JB 4.2.2] [Team EOS 4] [Nightlies -- TF101] - xda-developers

everything went fine for the most part, everything works fine, except micro sd cards no longer mount.
Even after formatting to exfat and fat32. it just says their blank or the file system is not supported.
I tried formatting them with the tablet itself, it runs through like their being formatted but doesnt actually format them.

Im relatively new to flashing roms/kernals etc, im not sure what ive done wrong or how to fix it.

At the very least, if someone could explain to me how to fix this issue or help me get back to stock conditions i would greatly appreciate it.