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    Help: Unrooting TF101


    I've got a TF101 transformer which I rooted mid-2011. Soon after I fell ill, and have since begun suffering from post-viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, along with its cognitive impairments. I share this for two reasons, one: Because of this I stopped studying and was not using my tablet very much at all for some time, so became quite unfamiliar with what I had done with regards to rooting the device and what that meant; and two: due to the CFS I have a lot of difficulty in processing and retaining complex information and quickly get lost when I try and piece together all the relevant information specific to my device on this forum and others.

    For various reasons I am looking to unroot my device and go back to factory stock conditions, but for the life of me I haven't been able to follow the how-to's out there with regards to checking my build numbers etc and tracking down the files I need for my specific device, as all the guides are generally for US versions. I'm sure all the info is out there, but trying to piece it all together hs been literally giving me headaches, and so I humbly implore your help.

    My Device (I'm not sure what info is needed exactly, so I'll just put most of it):
    Model Number: Transformer TF101
    Android Version: 3.2.1 (an aside, I think because of the root the updates haven't been working properly. Have updates come out for the TF101 for 4.0+?)
    Kernel Version: android@Mercury #1
    Build Number: HTK75.WW_epad-
    S/N: B60KAS016942

    Note: There is no information on the device that I need to keep, so I'm happy for any process that requires a reset.

    Thanking you all in advance,

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    Did you install CWM on your tablet?

    If No, run the PERI tool on your PC to install CWM:

    Once CWM is installed, you will need to download the latest firmware from the Asus support site for the WW firmware: ASUS - Eee- ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101

    Unzip the file ONE TIME (it will still be a .zip). Place the file where CWM can see it (for newer versions, it will probably be on the internal memory). If using a 3.X version of CWM, it will most likely be on a microSD formatted for FAT32.

    Boot to CWM (Hold VOL DOWN and POWER for 12-15 seconds until you see white text on the screen) release both buttons, tap VOL UP immediately.

    Select wipe cache (you can use the vol buttons to navigate, power/lock to select, or some versions support touch)

    Go to Advanced - Wipe Davlik Cache

    Back at main menu, select Install Zip from SD card. Choose your zip and install.

    Now you should be back to 100% stock, latest version of firmware ready for OTA updates. CWM will also be replaced by stock recovery.

    There may be other ways to do it, but I know this one has worked for many users in the past.

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    I know just how you feel Lezleyboom! When I first got my first touch phone, a DroidX, I decided to root it, primarily to get rid of bloatware, and I guess, to feel in control. The trouble was that I was never really interested in playing around with different ROMs, etc., so when the OTA update came for ICS, I was too ...whatever (probably lazy) to go to the trouble of unrooting to get it. I finally waited and just got a new phone(Razr Maxx) when my contract permitted me. You live and learn...your strengths, limitations, and interests!

    P.S. - All that tek mumbo jumbo can be intimidating, read what Frederuco has posted several times, then take it one step at a time!
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