Good evening all!!

Well after two days of hitting my head against the wall I decided to ask for help.. typical guy here!!

Problem: when using the blobtools to create a boot blob it soft bricks my transformer. No idea why.

Objective: Create a bootable boot blob with init.rc changes

Steps token to create the boot blob:

::Tools Used::
- BlobTools created by RaYmAn
- BootTools created by RaYmAn

::Blob used:: Stock kernel provided by clemsyn ( h t t p : / / w w w . ) kernelblob

1. After compiling blobtools I used "blobunpack" to unpack my blob
./blobunpack /home/mike/Android/kernelblob
Once done it produced "kernelblob.HEADER" and "kernelblob.LNX"

2. After compiling boottools I used "bootunpack" to unpack "kernelblob.LNX"
./bootunpack /home/mike/Android/kernelblob.LNX
Which produced "kernelblob.LNX-kernel.gz" and "kernelblob.LNX-ramdisk.cpio.gz"

3. Then I uncompressed "kernelblob.LNX-ramdisk.cpio.gz"
gunzip -c /home/mike/Android/kernelblob.LNX-ramdisk.cpio.gz | cpio -i
Which produced the initramfs. Made my changes to init.rc

4. Re-created ramdisk using this command
find . | cpio -o -H newc | gzip > ../newkernelblob.LNX-ramdisk.cpio.gz
5. Then re-create kernelblob.LNX (boot.img) with mkbootimg
mkbootimg --cmdline 'no_console_suspend=1 console=null' --kernel kernelblob.LNX-kernel.gz --ramdisk newkernelblob.LNX-ramdisk.cpio.gz -o newkernelblob.LNX
6. re-created blob using blobpack
./blobpack kernelblob.HEADER boot_blob LNX newkernelblob.LNX
Example provided by RaYmAn
./blobpack blobname.HEADER outputfile LNX boot.img
Then I try to flash the new boot_blob but after I reboot it just gets stuck on the ASUS screen...

Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me!!!! Hope this will help others