The built-in mike is adequate for skype calls but not satisfactory for recording my efforts on piano or for picking up decent sound from a cassette player. I'm using the built-in sound app. Don't need much quality but probably headset mikes are not the right kind. Can you reccommend a cheap microphone of the right kind which would work with the transformer that would provide better recording quality?

Can the output of a cassette player be connected to the mike socket to improve the quality? Is the necessary cable available?

the mike socket doubles as input and output? Is it non-standard which is the impression I get from the forum? I tried a mike that I already had but it didn't work.

Once I have a good sound file (gpp extension) I would like to hear it properly! I'm thinking to get '3.5mm stereo audio adapter' as mentioned on the forum then plug into my old fashioned sound system. I think that will work? Or can you recommend cheap speakers with built-in amplification necessary I assume (battery powered perhaps and portable) Or would speakers without a separate power source be possible (USB connection?) but would that drain the battery very fast?