Time for a throwback here.... My TF101 has been sitting in a drawer (currently in storage) for half a year now, since I've gone and replaced it with a MSoft Surface RT. Now I have recently thought of a new use for my TF101. Essentially, next August I will be moving into a new student apartment with 2 roommates, and I thought it would be pretty cool to use my TF101 as permanent audio interface. Essentially, the TF101 would be mounted on a wall in our living room with Google Play Music always open (and finding a way to force that as the only available app), and via bluetooth or a long Aux cable, streaming a shared Google Music collection to some nice speakers.

Now, I would need to mount the TF101 to the wall (obviously near an outlet for charging purposes), but I cannot damage the wall. That means no screws, nails, etc, and doing my best to not remove paint from the wall when moving out. For appearance purposes, I'd prefer the TF101 to be as flush to the wall as possible, meaning I would find a bulky wall mount to be kind of ugly, although I understand if this is the only safe way to mount the tablet. I figure command strips would be way too weak if the tablet gets knocked or pushed around too much, even if 4 can support 5lbs.

Any suggestions/ideas/ways to improve my idea?