Like the original poster of this thread, I have a strong attachment to the default live wallpaper that originally came with Android 2.2. I have been known to purchase replacement phones purely because they included this wallpaper. -_-; When I was no longer able to find it available with any phone, I spent a considerable amount of time searching for it online until I stumbled - gratefully - upon this thread. Unfortunately, I was recently forced to update to the latest Android OS 8.0 Oreo, and the wallpaper stopped working. When I attempt to open it or reinstall, it simply says "Android Live Wallpapers has stopped".

I am writing here in the hope that someone else may have experienced similar issues and have any suggestions or solutions. Please let me know if you do. I am a simple guy with simple needs from my phone, and I'm pretty ticked off to be robbed of the thing I liked best about the phone (silly though it may be - I'm a crotchety old man). Please let me know if you can help or advise.

Thank you.