The screen on my two month old Transformer TF300T started to have green patches, so I sent it back for repair.
When it returned it immediately upgraded to Jelly bean.
Since then I've had the following problems:
1) The screen doesn't rotate like it used to. Applications that only work in portrait are able to change the orientation, but other apps and the O/S can't. e.g. Mail won't change to let me view long emails.
2) The backspace (delete last character typed) key sometimes refuses to react when I press it. As far as I can tell it's the only key that's playing up. If the tablet reboots it's fine for a while.
3) The tablet often does a cold boot when I put it to sleep. By often I mean about once a day.
4) Wifi seems to seize up, web pages don't load. I've tried disconnecting/reconnecting and this sometimes works. It could just be the internet, or my broadband supplier. The worst site seems to be Asus VIP ASUS Member Login

Asus Tech Support want me to send the unit back to them, which I'm reluctant to do. I think that it's a software problem, they say hardware. If I'm right they will charge me £60, because they didn't find a hardware fault.

Any thoughts on these issues will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance