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    TF101- brightness is so low screen is barely visible

    I have a TF101 16Gb
    Serial: B3OKxxxxxx
    OS ICS 4.0.3

    Issue: When on power - screen is visible but very dark
    When off power - If you are in a dark dark room you can see the screen but not otherwise.

    What happened?: Not sure, installed jjcomicviewer, we reading book from kindle app. Put it in my bag, in the back seat of my car. Into house, back into car to work, out of bag - no longer works. Bag did not get bumped or fall, at least to my knowledge.

    What have you done so far.
    Charge - up to 90% not on keyboard dock.
    Auto brightness = checked - No change
    Auto brightness = unchecked. Brightness the same at low and high setting

    Cold boot - no change
    Factory Reset - no change

    called Asus and looks like I need to end it in.

    Has anyone had this issue and found it was from a drop, or some other type of damage?
    Is it usually warranty covered?

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    Have you tried adjusting the brightness manually via the settings - Screen ?

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    I have seen a dozen or so with this issue. The backlight either failed or disconnected.

    I have not seen ASUS deny fixing it under warranty.

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