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    Plastic frame between metal one and screen is cracked!

    Hey all,

    Just wanna get your feedback! Just realized the small plastic frame is broken in the upper right corner, some plastic missing (about 3mm) on my TF101; I don't think I would pay for repair, I was thinking about some glue in the hole to make sure the plastic doesn't break more... any indication against it?

    (pardon my french!)

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    Depends on the type of glue. As long as it is not an expanding one (like Gorilla Glue) it should be OK. That is just a plastic spacer, don't think it will matter too much if you leave it be either.

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    I had the same thing happen but mine has a crack throughout the longer part of the screen. I can't feel the crack itself but it is noticable when I tilt my tablet. I feel like the flaw in the tablet is the structure. It feels sturdy but yet weak.

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    I really do not know what 'flavor' of plastic the TF101's are made of-- but, if I had to guess, I would guess ABS. It has the feel of ABS plastic, which is normally quite sturdy, stable, and resistant to UV radiation issues.

    The metallic paint helps tremendously with UV issues too. (As well as looking nicer than plain plastic would, IMO.)

    However, I could be wrong, it might be some version of the classic styrene plastic (like what they make model cars/planes out of), styrene is not as sturdy as ABS, though. Without taking it apart and looking for the recycling marks, it's really impossible to tell by looking, though.

    You could try a solvent glue here, either for ABS or one of the "universal" solvent glues-- but you risk damaging the finish (by undermining it, causing the metallic finish to peel away). So I would not try a solvent myself--too risky.

    If I really wanted a repair? I would go with an epoxy glue and a black Sharpie marker for afters. The 5 minute epoxy glues are handy, but much-much weaker than the long-term versions (take overnight to setup).

    And for a smooth finish? Have some scotch tape handy too. I'd get some JB Weld epoxy, the long stuff (or similar brand of high strength). Take a piece of cardboard, and dab out a very small bit of each part in equal measure onto the cardboard. A tiny amount is all you'll need here. Use a toothpick to mix the two bits together very-very well-- look for a very smooth, even color. The long-setting are usually black and white, so you want a nice even darkish grey color--no streaks.

    Now, again using the toothpick, dab it into your crack-- if you roll the 'pick between your fingers, it will "roll" the glue down into the crack quite nicely. Another advantage of the slow-set, is you have 20 minutes or so to work on it. Have plenty of paper towels or tissue handy to wipe up any excess.

    Keep rolling bits of glue into the crack until it's filled to your satisfaction-- then press on a piece of scotch tape to make a fine, smooth finish. Don't worry-- epoxy does not set by evaporation-- it sets by chemical action of the two parts (it can set underwater in the right circumstances). Give it a couple of hours to firm up (or overnight).

    Then carefully remove the scotch tape-- you remembered to leave a folded back on itself "flag" for easy removal, right? It should peel off cleanly.

    Lastly? Take your black fine-point sharpie marker and color the grey epoxy to a nice black to match the bezel...

    There. All fixed.

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