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Thread: Problem With Typing in Flash

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    Quote Originally Posted by SapientTrip View Post
    I can compose an email with the virtual keyboard in gmail, while in desktop mode. I do have ICS, though, so I suppose that answers that question! Just wanted to make that known in case it helps in any diagnoses.
    While I do not consider myself a "techy", this sort of problem intrigues me

    What you said about desktop mode made me wonder...
    Have you tried the browsers in "mobile" mode?
    Have you tried the flash settings so they are set to "always on"?

    Flash Player 10.1 for Android 2.2 Release Notes states...

    Mobile Text Input

    Flash Player 10.1 provides support for use of native device virtual keyboards with TextField support if no physical keyboard is detected. A virtual keyboard is automatically raised and lowered in response to focus changes on text fields when editing text on mobile devices supporting a virtual keyboard to enable unobstructed and intuitive text editing. The focused text field is centered in the visible region of the page and appropriately zoomed/scrolled to ensure it is not obscured by the virtual keyboard. Upon screen rotation, incoming calls, or other system events, any already existing text input is retained. The virtual keyboard works with TextField but does not currently work with the Text Layout Framework or other Flash Text Engine text.
    So it may be that the page you are trying to edit uses one of the two unsupported text input types?

    You are not unique in this problem, though....
    Missing on-screen keyboard for Flash/Flex web application on Android? - Stack Overflow
    covers it - interestingly, one of the suggestions there was to install a different keyboard, so I wonder if that is worth a try - there are several on the market.

    Finally, one of the ways to force a keyboard to show in earlier versions of android was to do a long press on the menu button. That would be my final idea!

    So, in a quick list....
    1. Try the bowsers in mobile view
    2. Try installing / using different keyboards
    3. Try the long menu press to force the keyboard
    4. Try various permutations of 1-3
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