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Thread: [RS Guide] - Power/Lock button issues?

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    [RS Guide] - Power/Lock button issues?

    Printable version in PDF format is available here: [RS Guide] - Power/Lock button issues? Printable Guide


    Now that we have that out of the way, I am guessing that you are here because you have had some issues with your power button not functioning and you are relying on a power cable to turn the screen on and power it up and have a widget or app to lock your screen, or have to use the lock button on the keyboard dock.

    Many users have had this issue and it has to do with an alignment issue between the shiny lock button on the outside and the tiny black switch on the inside. The fix is quite simple for anyone who is delicate with their hands and a bit handy with small item repair.

    If you are not comfortable with this it is highly recommended that you RMA your tablet to ASUS or exchange at your retailer.

    What you will need:
    Smooth surface - a nice big table with a soft towel or sheet works great. This is important to make sure your screen does not get scratched during this procedure as it will be exposed more than normal. It also helps keep your device in one spot so it does not slide so easily if accidentally bumped.
    Torx T-4 screwdriver (my favorite is this Husky one from my local home improvement store. I will not plug the name of the store, but they are in the US and have a giant orange square for a logo)

    Thin piece of plastic (guitar pic) - I used some longer than normal fingernails. If using fingernails, be sure the user is aware they could get broken! (We are not responsible for broken fingernails, or wives/girlfriends who end up with broken fingernails!)
    Small dish to hold screws that are removed.

    This is a picture of my Transformer before the procedure. The buttons look normal, but for the purposes of this guide we are going to say that the lock button does not work.
    And one facing down:

    Be sure to remove anything inserted into any of the sockets around your TF. This includes microSD, HDMI, headphones, charger, 3G SIM card and card holder.

    Before starting, you will need to disconnect from the dock if it is connected. If possible, power down the tablet. If you do not touch any of the internal PCB's it should not hurt the device if it is powered on and asleep, but it is best to power down if possible (even if that means draining the battery).

    Next, we need to locate the two screws that hold the aluminum bezel in place. These are located adjacent to the charger plug on the bottom edge of the device. Notice these are not a typical screw, but a star shape called Torx. It is possible to use a small straight bladed screwdriver to open these, but that can damage the screws and will be a huge red flag if you ever send it in for service. After removing the screws, place then in a small dish to hold them. Place them far enough away that you will not accidentally spill them on the floor.

    What I did next was to set the TF in landscape mode with the camera closest to the table and the screen facing towards myself. I placed my right thumb on the edge of the glass on the short side of the device (where the volume buttons are) and then stuck my finger nails of 3 fingers in between the bezel and the back cover at the end opposite the volume buttons (bottom edge near the corner) and gently pried outward slightly with my fingers as I gently pushed with my thumb from the other side.
    You can feel it releasing the small plastic clips, be gentle and do not force it. If it does not come off with gentle force, be sure you have removed all microSD, SIM, HDMI and headphone connectors from the device. Do not pull it apart all the way either, we need to loosen the bezel all around, and the bezel is quite fragile and can easily break or bend. The bezel should only be raised by approximately 1 mm. The little rubber gasket should come off with the bezel as you are doing this procedure. If it is sticking to the glass a bit, use your fingernails or small plastic tool to gently loosen it up so that it remains with the bezel.

    Once the short side is done, I would recommend flipping the TF around so the charging port is down and then performing this on the other short size and getting that loose.

    Now that both of the short sides are loose, we will start on the top and bottom. I started with the top that does not have the charger port since this side is stronger to learn the feel of opening it up. Once this side is done, carefully do the bottom side with the charger port. Work from the outside in and be careful around the dock connectors as well as the charging port.

    Once this is complete, your TF should look like this:

    Flip the TF so the back is facing down on your table and gently remove the bezel. I would recommend starting on the short side that does not have the volume buttons on it to ensure that you do not damage the switches or the buttons. The buttons will not fall out of the bezel easily so there should not be much fear of them popping out on you if you are a tad careless.

    Place the bezel on the table gently and inspect the power button to make sure the switch is not misaligned. It should look identical to the two volume switches below it. If it is damaged, it may not be good to repair it yourself unless you have some experience soldering on PCB's and decide to take the device apart beyond this.

    Next, inspect the buttons on the bezel and make sure they are all aligned straight through and that the nubs on the back are not damaged. If they need adjustment, make the adjustment so that they move freely in and out.

    Check your bezel on a flat surface or using a straightedge to make sure that it was not damaged or tweaked during the removal process.

    Before putting the device back together, take a small toothpick, screwdriver, or your fingernail and hold the power button for about 3-5 seconds to ensure that the power switch is indeed not faulty. If it is faulty, a full on replacement of the switch will be required. (Once again, not recommended unless you have PCB soldering experience along with device disassembly experience). Wait for the device to boot up fully, unlock it and then power it back down.

    Now that we know the power switch works on its own and that the buttons can move freely and are properly aligned we need to reinstall the bezel.

    Start by placing the TF on its back, charging port facing away from you and then stand the bezel up to the right of the TF as shown:

    Slide the bezel towards the TF and then lower the bezel keeping the buttons close to their proper location:

    Continue until the bezel is lowered all the way around, but not pressed into place:

    Next, gently press the bezel back on to the body. I started at the volume keys and worked my way towards the bottom. Next, I worked across the top and then down the other short side. Lastly, I gently did the bottom edge with the device standing up. Once complete, the bezel should sit flush with the back of the unit like in these two pictures:

    Press the power button for 3-5 seconds to see if it powers up.

    If not, remove the bezel again and check for any alignment issues.

    Added by edit: If the power button is not working, you may need to inspect the solder joints, or use contact cleaner on the switch as DroidNugget did here in this post: Transformer would not boot... here's what I did to fix.

    If it is now working, grab the screws from the dish and install them.

    A good inspection of the charging port should be done to ensure that the bezel around the charging port was not compromised. The metal on the back edge of the bezel is quite thin and may need to be tweaked before using any accessories or you could damage the accessories or the charging port.

    Printable version in PDF format is available here: [RS Guide] - Power/Lock button issues? Printable Guide

    Created by the TransformerForums Rescue Squad Team

    Copyright Asus Transformer Tablet Forum

    All Rights Reserved.
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