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Thread: Asus EeePad Transformer Wins the PCMag Reader's Choice 2011 Award for Tablets!!!

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    Asus EeePad Transformer Wins the PCMag Reader's Choice 2011 Award for Tablets!!!

    The Asus Transformer has been awarded the PC Mag Reader's Choice Award for top tablet for 2011!!!

    We wanted to share with you that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer has just won the PCMag Reader's Choice award as the best tablet for 2011. Below is a quote from the PCMag article detailing the section about tablets. You can read the entire article at the source link below. Enjoy!

    Generally, we look at aggregate scores for the vendors in our Readers' Choice surveys. As mentioned, we looked at specific products here, and these results brought some surprises, especially for Apple. The first is that, while the company does take the lead, it's not as wide a margin as one might expect. The mega-popular Apple iPad 2, which is indeed the best on the market, scored only slightly ahead of the other Readers' Choice product in this survey: the Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101. Both have overall scores of 8.8 out of 10 and a likelihood to recommend of 9.2. The TF101 might have been helped along by being the most affordable Honeycomb-based tablet currently on the market.

    Our Honorable Mentions go to Samsung for its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Toshiba for its brand new Thrive, both of which scored an 8.6 overall. Samsung's tablet also got the highest rating for screen quality, Web browsing, and overall size, shape, and weight among all tablets.

    Interestingly, the first-generation Apple iPad came in fifth, with a still respectable 8.4 overall and the second highest reliability score of 9.0 (second only to the iPad 2 with 9.1).

    In our survey, we asked readers to gauge how easy their tablets are to use. These numbers pretty much fall in line with the overall scores, though Apple's and HP's tablets were deemed a little easier to use than most tablets. Obviously, Android could still use some work when it comes to tablet usability. In no cases did the overall score (which isn't an average of the other numbers, remember) exceed the score for ease of use.

    We asked some questions about the extra accessories you might want for your tablet and got some interesting responses. Steve Jobs, in particular, might want to take note: Twenty seven percent of iPad 2 users said they've purchased a stylus to use on the tablet! Only Toshiba's tablet, the Thrive, had more stylus users (40 percent). Wireless keyboards are also a popular choice for Apple (24 percent of iPad 2 users and 26 percent of iPad users), Motorola (26 percent of Zoom users), and HP tablets (30 percent of TouchPad users). Asus (specifically, the TF101) had the fewest wireless keyboard users, but this may be because the $150 keyboard option isn't technically wireless. Cases are, naturally, the most popular accessory of all: at least two thirds of tablet users surveyed own a case.

    What tablet manufacturers should you avoid? Acer and ViewSonic did not score particularly well. The latter had the highest percentage of products needing repair (8 percent) and a negative NetPromoter Score (-7 percent), meaning more people are saying bad things about it than good. And you probably don't want to invest in an HP TouchPad now that HP is getting out of that business.

    One anomaly to note: Many of our survey takers decided to rate the Barnes & Noble Nook Color as a tablet, rather than an ebook reader. The Nook Color is capable of doing a lot of what other tablets do. That said, it is not a tablet. At all. But PCMag reader's still give it a likelihood to recommend of 8.7, which is close to what the original iPad gets for likelihood of recommending.
    Source: PCMag
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    Cool So Cool to Be the Chosen One

    I was very happy to hear about the Reader's Choice Award from PCMag! Finally, a group of people who aren't walking around in Apple-colored glasses...

    I like Apple products, but I get tired of all the gushing over the iPad. It's great, but it's not exactly perfect (shortcomings include the lack of expandabiity and that 4:3 aspect ratio). Asus went out of its way to try a different approach to tablet design and included a number of thoughtful touches. The dock with the extra battery and 3 ports, the way the dock and the tablet fit together, and the gorgeous bronze color are just a few of the things that make this my tablet of choice.

    Another extra is the way that Asus has supported the Transformer by making Honeycomb updates available so quickly. We are on version 3.2+, while a number of other Android tablets are still flirting with 3.1. Sweet!
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    This makes me feel even better about the purchase!



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