Over the past year and a half, that headline above was typically the opposite in way way or another. Apple has been in a huge legal struggle with a slew of Android related companies for quite some time, and most of the time they have been the one to get some minor rulings in their favor. Just recently, that has gone the other direction. Apparently, ITC Judge Thomas Pender issued a partial ruling regarding a WiFi patent infringement counter-suit that Motorola filed back against Apple during the patent wars. The judge found that Apple is indeed violating that patent as it pertains to the iPad and the iPhone.

The worst case scenario is that Apple could be barred from importing any of their iDevices onto U.S. soil, because they are in violation of the patent held by a U.S. company. Most analysts do not expect the court to go that far however. More than likely, there will be some sort of monetary settlement between Moto and Apple. Perhaps some of the worst battles of the patent wars have already been fought and the onslaught is finally winding down... wouldn't that be nice.

Source: Phonearena