Reports from Symantec - Android.Counterclank - about a new android malware threat potentially affecting up to 5,000,000 users, look to be premature according to Gadget Dev.

In this report, Latest Android Malware scare might be premature Gadget Dev report a different view, from Lookout Mobile Security...

"Lookout, a competitor in the Android security field, says that the applications are not malware, and the apperhand package actually is a legitimate, but aggressive, advertisement component. It’s part of an advertising software development kit that’s a modified version of the “ChoopCheec” platform” or “Plankton” SDK that was the focus of some privacy concerns in June 2011. This newer version is cleaner, but it still has capabilities common to many ad networks."

Whatever your opinion, the solution to this problem is straightforward according to Symantec - uninstall the application.
Manual removal
To remove this risk manually, please perform the following actions:
1. Open the Google Android Menu.
2. Go to the Settings icon and select Applications.
3. Next, click Manage.
4. Select the application and click the Uninstall button.
So that shouldn't prove difficult!

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