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    ASUS Keyboard Lock 1.0.14 and Windows 10.0.18362.X+ (1903)

    I'm getting annoyed with ASUS' driver support so I'm going to be decompiling, disassembling and calling out their engineers for scrappy work.

    This all started because there are better ways than to write log files to C:\Users\Public\ASUSSoftKBService and use them for attestation.

    I'll also be recompiling the packages once I've tuned them for Windows 10.

    The first one on my hit list is the Keyboard Lock service.

    It uses .NET 2.0/3.5 API for part of the Sensors data.
    The service also doesn't set its permissive group properly and it's visible by inspection in Task Manager.

    The installer package also may not install package dependencies, .NET Framework 3.5, if they are not present.

    Polling frequency for Gravity Sensors are probably far too quick, and perhaps unnecessary, as Docks can only connect in one orientation and rotation.
    Rotations or Device Orientation in anything other than "Upright 0 degrees" somewhat irrelevant for what it needs to do to detect if lid is closed and for Device Auto-Rotate settings.
    I haven't edited the source code yet as there are still some dynamic link libraries I need to import to Visual Studio, but what I previously mentioned is after about an hour of skimming over and looking at the objects and references in the ASUS driver package.

    First dump at

    Note: The driver package ASUS have on the Support site is for the entire Transformer Book range, 2016 and later.
    T102, T103, T303, T304, T305.

    EDIT: I just had a light bulb moment, and I might disassemble 1.0.13 just to see what changes they made.

    (I still have my T100HAN and it will more than likely have similar coding practices as ASUS haven't really changed habit with drivers.
    Maybe the Live Update fiasco might be the catalyst for a change.)
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