In case anyone of you need the official image... There is not. and if you install the last windows version (today 2004 october) it dont detect every component and you will get a basic tablet with no touch screen, no sound, no camera, no microphone, no gyroscope, and also you cant change the brightness... I look for the an windows image for this model, but i cant find anything even calling asus directly so the solution was download windows 1809 from october 2018 and intall everyone of the drivers post in the asus support page. install all of them and check for updates in windows update, after (touch screen still no working, also no audio) open the device manager and update all the drivers that arent working properly. after that i get a working tablet, working audio, touchscreen, camera, microphone... so if you need the image you can try it bay your own

Im not a english speaker so sorry if i write something wrong, i hope it can help you if you have the same problem than me