I used the tablet yesterday, left it on charge for an hour before shutting it down. When I tried starting it up today a normal power button press did nothing.

The PC has worked fine (for a slow 4GB tablet) for the last 4 months since reinstalling Win 10 home, which speeded things up from its previous state.

The orange LED / light blinks when it is on charge.

I held the power button foe 30+ seconds, saw the back light come up with the Asus logo, let go of the power button, and the PC turned off.

I tried holding the power button with volume up, then volume down, let go at the ASUS logo, PC shut off.

I held the power button continuously, got the windows spinning dots, git to the Win 10 Ligon, used the on-screen keyboard to sign in and Windows loaded. The detachable keyboard is unresponsive. I could use the touch screen and on-screen keyboard to navigate one-handed, but as soon as I let go of the power button, the PC shuts off.

Does anyone have a solution? About a year after I got it I had boot up issues, and power + volume buttons got it to respond. It's been working in the 2+ years since then.