I guess no good deed does in fact go unpunished.

I have the T102HA now for over a year and it runs great. For mobile operations in the ham radio space it is a perfect fit. At home i use it as my primary HAM computer then when I go mobile I unplug it and away i go with all my HAM stuff.

So I thought I'd reboot yesterday am and let windows regain some of the memory it always seems to lose track of

Lo and behold apparently a big windows update was waiting in the wings. Well so much for the quick reboot. After about 15 mins I went upstairs to get some work done.

When I came back down a couple of ours later the update was done. AND my screen was now approx 3/4" thick. Apparently the heat generated by the update? cause something behind the LCD to expand. Looks like a couple of white pillow things. the systen seems to work except i cant get to more than 1280x800 resolution. I shut it down to let it "cool" overnight.

This morning still got the pillows. Still works. But now what to do.

Any idea what the white pillows are?

Any ideas how to remedy?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.