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    Quote Originally Posted by wasi1971 View Post
    I had exactly the same sound issue - 30% was defined and has worked well and after approx. 30 seconds 30% was displayed by volume control but the volume was fully increased to 100%. The removing of the Intel SST and the Realtek I2S devices via device manager, installing the drivers again and disabling hardware accelaration and/or sound enhancements were not a workaround in this situation. The explained sound issue happened on my T102HA with the April Update (1803) including the comulative update KB 4100403 from May 23rd. With 1709 I had no problems and also not with 1803 till the KB 4100403 update was installed.

    Since the end of May I've tried to make several recovery installations via the Windows 10 integrated recovery system. Everything worked well till the above mentioned update was installed automatically. Last Friday I've done a clean installation of Windows 10 1803 via a bootable USB stick, installed the newest ATK, chipset, display, touchpad, keyboard lock, bluetooth and wireless packages from the ASUS support page, applied all windows updates (including the above mentioned) and now all works fine.

    Update 6/6/18: I have to revise my explanations above... After a couple of days of using the new installed system the sound problems came back. I can set the sound volume to a value less than 100 percent and after some seconds of not using the system the sound increases automatically to maximum volume. I do believe this is an issue of the current OS version (with the updates from May) together with the old drivers of the Intel SST device (from 2016) or the 2017's drivers of the Realtek I2S device that prevents the sound system from working well. I have currently no ideas how I can make changes on the OS or the driver settings so that the T102HA's sound system is working in that way how it should have to work or how it has worked in the past.

    Update 6/8/18: I've developed a small application that periodically decreases the volume by 2% and increases it back to the current defined master volume level. I'm starting this app via autostart and this solution is working for me very well. My T102HA is now using constantly the via the volume control defined master volume.
    I have pretty much been living with this for about a year now, and it's been beyond annoying. In my latest attempt to resolve the issue, I've also tried out uninstalling, reinstalling drivers, tried clean installing new windows a fresh usb stick Win 10 ver 1903 build 18362.175, updated the recent bios update, and the issue persists.

    Let me know if anyone has figures out any other alternate solutions. I'm thinking that auto-sound adjustment tool is a possible band-aid solution, but that's just it, a band-aid solution.

    I'd expect Asus to work out a patch on this one, as it's obviously not confined to a single-user....

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    Recent upgrade to Win 10 ver 1903 build 18362.329 solved this sound issue. So far so good, will keep watching.


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