I have a newly purchased SanDisk 128G USB stick with a USB 3.0 plug and a microUSB plug. I put some videos on it (each is 40+ minutes long).

If I plug this SanDisk to my Transformer Mini's USB 3.0 port (the big port, not the microUSB port) and let it play a video on the SanDisk, the machine may die anywhere during the playback. If the playback is successful, I close the video player and safely remove the SanDisk, and then the machine may die within 1 minute.

I have made 5 tests like this, and 4 of them caused machine death and only 1 of them left the system alive.

Does your Transformer Mini experience problems with the big USB 3.0 port? I wonder if this is just my machine's quality issue, or if it affects all Minis.