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    Question Touch screen malfunctions intermittently

    Hello everyone,

    I bought my T102HA in December and the first day I had it I noticed that, roughly once a day, the touch screen would stop recognizing pen input. More recently I've noticed that occasionally the touch screen will start to register constant finger input at a given location on the screen, even when I'm not touching the screen.

    Extra notes:
    * Restarting the tablet always fixes both problems (not permanently, of course)
    * Sometimes (not always) resetting the pen by removing the battery solves the problem with the pen
    * Sometimes the pen problem resolves by itself
    * Sometimes I get similar pen problems, e.g., the tablet thinks the pen is touching the screen when it's just hovering, or there will be perfect pen input but no input from the pen buttons

    Has anyone had this problem before? Any ideas on a solution? I haven't tried resetting the device yet as it's time-consuming and it seems questionable if it will help, but I'll try it if people here think it has a good shot of helping. I have tried disabling/re-enabling some relevant sounding drivers, and uninstalling and reinstalling the pen driver, but that has done nothing.
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