Hello, I recently purchased a T102HA and have a few operational questions that I would appreciate help with.
First, I added a few icons to the desktop that appear when on the screen I turn on the device but when I detach the KB and place the device in tablet mode, a bunch of icons from a list titled "Start" or "PC at a Glance" and "Recently Added" appear on the screen. How do I change this so the same icons that appear when I start the device in PC mode, appear on the Tablet?
Also when I re-attach the KB (go back to PC mode) the icons that I added and that appeared on the screen when I started-up the device, are no longer there instead, the Start - PC at a Glance - Recently Added icons continue to appear on the screen.
The next question is where is the icon to Shut Down-Restart-Sleep? The only way that I am able to do any of these functions is to click on the Windows icon on the KB.
Thank you