I Sent it for repair just a month ago. two days ago, the system just break down without warning.
i think it might have something to do with tablet running out of battery while im outside (though i charged it as soon as i got hime)

the following problem occurred when i docked my tablet to my keyboard:
1. cant switch between android and tablet mode, even though both are active
2. the key board became and extension of tablet, the cursor pad functions normally, yet the keyboard doesnt work (cant type).
3. when tablet docked and keyboard is connected to external monitor, window can be display to the monitor, the usb mouse also functions on window.
yet the keyboard will lose its function (cant type at all), with the cursor pad functioning on the android.

so when i docked and also connected to external monitor, i will be able to see window through external monitor and control with usb mouse, see android on the tablets and control with cursor pad.

when i undocked the tablet, the keyboard gain back its function on window system.

im quite desperate now, hope there is a solution to the problem!P_20160616_093927.jpg